Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Balance

As a yogi, my life focuses on balance. I am balancing in poses, balancing in life and balancing inner & outer choas.
I am the director/founder of a 501c3 yoga non-profit, work a full time job in educational technology, teach yoga once a week, am enrolled in my 500 hour teacher training, have OHMwork & work "homework", write blog posts, am in the midst of creating The Ahimsa Project and so much more professionally.
Personally I am a furry baby mom, a wife, a newbie chef, a green smoothie lover and have a brand new relatively large house to take care of everyday.
People often ask me how I do it. How I wake up everyday at 5:00am (or earlier) to meditate, do yoga, pick up the house, walk the dog, read, write, complete homework and still be home in time for movie night with my amazing husband.
The answer is simple: balance.
I have always lived a busy lifestyle. At one point in high school I was the secretary of the drama club, choir, youth group & community service group. I was the captain/creator of the color guard, editor-in-chief of the newspaper and did well in school.
I choose to be busy. And because I choose to be busy, I need to choose balance.

My dad always told us to look at life like a triangle of balance. Family, work & friends. My triangle has evolved into an octogan but I got what he was saying. In order for everything to work, each point of the triangle needs to be balanced.
I can only write a certain amount of posts per day or week. I write in the car (recording my own voice and then typing once I'm home), I write on lunch breaks at work and in the bathtub after dinner.
I need to set aside time for OHMwork & time for snuggling & walking apollo. Time for my hubby & I to just be at peace. Time for dinner and cooking a healthy meal.
One of the ways I accomplish this is through my google calendar. I used to have the most beautiful light lavendar filofax and evenutally for price reasons, went with a gorgeous Martha Stewart planner. All of this paper was everywhere. I always knew where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing, but I felt so cluttered. I wanted to be able to flip open my iPhone and know where I was supposed to be in the next hour.
It took me two full days, but I eventually transferred everything online. I am so grateful for it.
The other part of my balance is ME TIME. I will talk about this within The Ahimsa Project, but it is so important to encorporate self-love and alone time. I take bubble baths. I stop by the ocean to take pictures. I walk the beach with Apollo & just the sound of (my ever running mind and) the ocean. I write, which is the most freeing experience I know besides practicing yoga. I practice yoga! I take time to enjoy myself, to make green smoothies & indulge in ME.
 I do not think it is selfish, but rather essential to take care of yourself. If I am not taking care of myself and my health, how can I possibly take care of my loved ones and my non-profit?
I don't have super human powers. I sleep well, I take my vitamins, eat really well & practice yoga regularly both in the physical asana sense as well as meditation and lifestyle.
How do YOU keep balances everyday? Are you overwhelmed?
Remember: inner chaos creates outer choas. Take a deep breath & smile!

Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nama Say: Is Yoga a Religion?

Yoga is not a religion.
The past three weeks, I have been studying "The History of Yoga" in conjunction with my teacher training. It explains the ebb and flow of yoga and mentions that yoga, specifically in the West is not a religion. In some parts of the world it started as a spiritual practice but was never a religion.
As a Christian who attends church as regularly as I'm able, I would actually say that yoga enhances the beliefs I already have within my faith. I believe in goodness. I could delve much deeper into my religious and spiritual beliefs, but that would be a whole different post!
Often times, I will be sitting in church and hear something a yoga teacher or friend mentioned in class echoed within my minister's sermon. He speaks of being kind, laughing, helping others, building community & stories of the ancient past. He speaks of love, heart, harmony & goodness. The sermons I hear in church are ocassionally reflected in yoga and what I hear in yoga is almost always echoed in church: be kind, give with your heart & be open to love.
Meditation and prayer seem similar as well. We open our hearts to the Universe, or God or Ganesha or whomever we open to. We listen and wait. We run our lives telling ourselves that unanswered prayers are there for a reason, that life happens for a reason. Yogis believe in Isvara Pradihana: "The belief in Isvara (or God) and that s/he will carry us to where we need to be." Maybe not where we WANT to be, but where we need to be, just like unanswered prayers. But the major difference is that meditation is LISTENING while prayer is ASKING. When we meditate, we sit or kneel or stand and open our hearts to listen to the wisdom of the universe. When we pray, we ask and we have a conversation with whomever it is you believe in.
The fact remains that yoga is simply not a religion. It is not organized in that way. There may be many similarities but the differences are vast. Yoga is a free flow of movements that in certain classes will encorporate spirituality. Yoga can be a work out. Yoga is movement with breath. Yoga is not a specific weekly meeting. Yoga is not held in a church or with a pastor or minister or priest. Yoga does not transfer the teachers beliefs to your own. Yoga can be sweaty. Yoga is a suggestion of how to live your life. Yoga is a collective, but it is not a religion.
Spirituality can be a scary word for some. What exactly does it mean? Spirit originally translates in some texts as breath: it is an energy. For myself, spirit is often more than just my breath but for others, it's simply physical breath.
Inhale. Exhale. Hold. Release.
For me, yoga is a spiritual path that is attained through practicing asanas, meditating, being kind to strangers and loved ones, practicing the yamas & niyamas as well as breath work. It is a personal path that is not organized and can be interpreted in so many different ways. For me, it is an invigorating practice both internally & externally. Yoga as with religion means something different to everyone.
So what does yoga mean to you? Do you see religion reflected in the postures?
What do you believe?
Let's start a discussion! Let's eliminate the fear of those who may not know of understand.
Is yoga a religion?
Is it a spiritual practice?
Does that in a sense make it a religion?

Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!

The Ahimsa Project

It's here!
It's here!

It's here!
6 weeks
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We begin on the next new moon: May 9th!
Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Magical Mondays: I went swimming!

Love Bread @ PB's in Eastham

I am often in complete awe of my life. I am so beyond blessed to live the life I have been given and am utterly grateful everyday!
This week was great and yet completely insane. It was full of travel, living out of a suitcase, new friends, wearing my bathing suit (!!) and completely exhausting in a very fun way!
Monday brought all of our sales reps into town (from all across the US) and we jumped straight into work. We worked our little behinds off, met the new reps and then had a delicious dinner at The Waterfront (yummy)!
Tuesday morning came early and we were off on a musical carpool adventure. It was so nice spending four hours in a car with Lauren & Nadia (whom I see everyday) and Ms. Jennifer, who was visiting from Texas! We had an ipod war, some lovely chit chat & watched beautiful Mountain scenery unfold around us as we approached Loon Mountain -- and Jennifer's first time to NH. As someone who has a summer home on Lake Wentworth, it's hard to believe one has never seen the beauty of NH, but our Texan was just smitten & loved the views. I was so excited to point out some of my favorite haunts along the way & introduce Ms. Jennifer into New Hampshire!
When we arrived at the Mountain, we proceeded to work late into the evening before signing off for some dinner & karaoke. It was such a fun evening. I was super excited that EVERYONE got up to sing at least one song (individually or in groups) and especially excited that all the new folks were not only joining in but also super excited and eager to sing! I love karaoke and am 100% positive it is the best way to build teamwork & learn something about everyone. What a great night!
The next day most folks went skiing while I took an aqua fitness class, sank into the spa, got a surprise last-minute massage & a barbie pink pedicure!
Another (philisophical) carpool home, two work days & jammin yoga - all lead to my staycation with hubby! We drove a half hour south, ate way too much food, swam for hours & relaxed in the hot tub. It was the perfect way to unwind! As I was (and am) a wee bit under the weather with the changing of the seasons, it was such a blessing to do NOTHING for a few hours and completely relax with my hubby!! I love him so so much!
The kicker to my already amazing week was the benefit class held yesterday for Journey to Hope. We raised almost $200 for our non profit organization & I will be skipping to the bank this afternoon. I am so grateful for each of you who come out & support us -- always! I greatly appreciate everything you all do in terms of sending love, energy & light as well as donating your funds, time & energy to us. It means SO much and helps us continue the work we do!
The Little Things
Raising money for Journey to Hope (not little - but MUCH appreciated), good news for the Journey to Hope future, watching 300 in bed with chocolate pie, catching the AMCs last night, barbie pink pedicures, a surprise massage, South African food, karaoke, meeting new team members and forming instant friendships, Ms. Knighton being in town (!!), eating way too much all week (and having a food plan for this week so as to get back on track), finding an octopus in the bathroom, The Ahimsa Project in final stages, my new website being approved & almost complete, good friends, chai lattes, snuggles & life in general!
The octopus I found in the bathroom!
How are you celebrating Monday? What are you grateful for this week?
Sending you love & light!
Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Month End Review: Spring has Sprung!

What an amazing (and yet chilly) month we have had! This past weekend was the first time I actually felt spring beginning to creep back into my bones. I felt the chill begin to disappear and am once again hopeful for new life and new beginnings.

I love taking a look at the month behind me to re-count some of the amazing blessings & gifts I have been given in life. This month the theme was definitely entertainment! Hubby & I bounced all over the place celebrating life with some great friends and traveling far & wide to see the ones we love.


Not to sound like an old lady, but I don't go out quite as frequently as I used to. Something happens after you turn 25 and staying up all night drinking just doesn't sound like much fun anymore. This month, however I had the opportunity to stay up past my bedtime a few times and it was a nice treat as it's something I very rarely do!

My friend Lauren turned 25 at the begininng of this month and hubby & I went out to celebrate with some friends. Two of my friends got married this month & I was able to DJ one of those weddings and attend a beautiful Indian wedding reception for the other.

Niraj & Anisha held a birthday party/wedding reception in their beautiful home, overlooking NYC. Everyone had the opportunity to wear traditional Indian clothing and I ate with my fingers (as per usual) while shocking some of the guests! It was such a blast to celebrate our friends new marriage and we are so happy for them: wishing them a lifetime of love & happiness!!

Hubby & I also went to a Murder Mystery Dinner as a fundraiser for the local community college & Cotuit Library!. He won best actor & we had a blast in our 1920's costumes. We have also been on a few fun dates: brunch, dinners, OZ The Great & Powerful as well as a huge personal accomplishment for my hubby over this month. Marrying my hubby was quite possibly the best thing I have ever done - I love him so much!

I also got an opportunity to see an old friend after almost 6 years whilst in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. I was there for my teacher training, and staying with my younger brother. On the way home from my weekend away, I got a chance to catch up with my friend Leisl over cupcakes & a fruit plate - yummy!!


Yoga is a constant theme in my life, but this month it was very prevelant. I finally feel in my groove with my practice, work and my free time. I meditate everyday (even when traveling), and try to be on my mat as often as I am able. Within my yoga teacher training, we are going to begin Yoga Sadhana which will help us to begin the practice of practicing everyday. I am so excited to begin that journey. I think about yoga every single day, and I try to live a yogic lifestyle - but will be excited to begin my daily practice with the help of my peers.

My 500 hour teacher training is off to a fantastic start! I am so blessed to be with a wonderful group of yogis on this path and know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment. I feel blessed, reinvigorated in regards to Journey to Hope & ready to begin The Ahimsa Project.
I began to realize that this quote rings so true: "when the teacher is ready, the students will come." While I had and have an amazing group of students, I finally feel ready to spread the word of yoga & joy even further and know my students have begin to come. It is such a gift and a blessing I will never take advantage of - I am so grateful for each of you.


I am a nerd. I say this often and sometimes I am not always sure you believe me, but I am a HUGE NERD! I love reading & watching inspiring videos. I love foreign films with subtitles & attending fundraising events with people three times my age. I sign up for programs in buisness, yoga & teaching. I love learning!

This month, I was inspired by quite a few books: Heart of Yoga, Prakriti, Spirit Junkie & Crazy Sexy Kitchen (loving Kris Carr's philosophy)! For extra fun, I have begun listening to a Stephen King novel on audio. Hubby popped it in on our way to NYC & I am now realizing it's the best way to add in additional knowledge or entertainment while driving!

I was also inspired by a few videos. Specifically, I was inspired by Same Love -- Mackelmore. Many of my friends are hearing life altering decisions made by the supreme court and this song is an inspiration to not only me as an ally but also my friends & their families.

What I wrote

This month I began my new weekly series: Nama Say Wednesday, where I answer any questions yogis may have. I wrote about the Charka's in Part One & Part Two. As well as talking about what a Vinyasa really is!

I also took a look into my daily smoothie routine - as well as began to talk about my Leap of Faith Kits. Have you thought about buying one yet?? It's a great start to your yoga practice & meditation as well as the perfect accompaniment to The Ahimsa Project.


This past month was full of friends, love, entertainment, new inspirations and a lot of learning. I feel so blessed to be where I am in this moment and am ever grateful for my friends, family, co-workers & yogi peers.
I am sending you all major love & blessings.
Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!

Magical Mondays: Spring has Sprung!

Good Morning Beautiful Yogis!!

I can finally feel the heat beginning to return to my bones....and although it is not quite yet "warm" or completely feeling like "spring" yet - I saw a few glimpses this weekend. I was able to run outside in only a light sweater to walk Apollo, my parents yard had crocus leave popping through & the sun was shining in church on Easter Sunday.

This past week was busy & quite entertaining. I went to an amazingly difficult Kundalini class on Tuesday, met with some amazing babes on Wednesday who are pushing Journey to Hope to be right where we need to be, went to a murder mystery dinner with friends & DJed a wedding!

Emily & I taught in Cambridge a few
years ago & I was grateful to DJ her wedding!
I haven't DJed a wedding in a little while, so it was SUPER fun to hop back into a job I love so dearly by DJing a friends wedding. Emily & I taught together in Cambridge and she was one of the only people I knew when I moved to Cape Cod a few years back. I was super happy to DJ her wedding & am wishing her a lifetime of happiness & love.

As I mentioned, this past week was ALL about entertainment...and my amazing hubby won BEST ACTOR this week at the murder mystery. Journey to Hope's secretary & my good friend, Jennie Wiley, put on a murder mystery dinner as a fundraiser for the shut in program at the library & the food pantry at Cape Cod Community College.

Karthik & I donned our best 1920's outfits, read our parts, donated yummy soups for the pantry & nabbed a few friends to join us. We danced into the night, solved a murder (of which my husband was the victim), played poker & laughed until our sides hurt. It was such a blast to go out with another couple and dress up in fun costumes while meeting a few new strangers who quickly turned into friends for the evening. I am super blessed to have a husband who likes to play along as these kinds of events and was happy to help fundraise for these two great programs in the community!
Dancing the night away!

Nadia & I also unexpectedly had Good Friday off from work and as such I was able to sleep in after our night out (what a treat)! It was finally beginning to feel like Spring on Friday, so I decided to do some spring cleaning. Keeping with my theme of kindness and giving (okay fine - that's everyday - but I have felt especially giving this week!)....I compiled a hug bag of clothes to donate to the local shelter. Karthik will be creating his pile this week. It's a nice tradition we have as we change seasons and we typically donate clothes 2-3x per year.

Do YOU donate? Clothes? Money? Time?? I would love to know more about your volunteering. As I run a non-profit, I am always fascinated by what causes people donate to and why. I would love to know about YOUR favorite causes in the comments below!

The Little Things

Being re-inspired by some amazing ladies in regards to Journey to Hope, seeing The Ahimsa Project begin to come together, making the final edits and cuts in my video, sending my latest newsletter with my brand new logo, seeing my little cousin for a few minutes on Wednesday night, still being THRILLED when a man asks me if I (a woman) am the DJ for the evening(!!), dancing with my hubby, twirling in my flapper dress, introducing my new flow to the jammin' class, drinking wine & talking late into the night, spring cleaning, Easter service, dancing in church, walking the beach, my well behaved puppy being approved by my mom, not needing a jacket outside & seeing my family/best friends on Easter Sunday!

This coming week is full of a lot of work related trips, meetings and planning. I am looking forward to being a bit more grounded & bringing my meditation practice with me on the road.

I am wishing you many blessings & much love this week ahead.
Happy Monday!

Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nama Say Wednesday: Chakra's Part II

This is part two of the Nama Say Wednesday Chakra posts. I wanted to break them up into a more manageable read for you all and am excited to share the knowledge I currently have on our energy alignment (as well as to delve even deeper this year and continue to share).

As I mentioned in the last post, a chakra is an energy channel. We have seven chakras and in last weeks post I covered our root, sacral & solar plexus chakras. In this second post, I will be covering our heart, throat, third eye & crown charkas. Continuing up the alignment of the spine we come closer to our intuition & infinite wisdom within: we come close to Samadhi.

Samadhi is enlightenment or nirvana. Interestingly and contrary to popular belief, monks do not spend their entire lives in enlightened bliss. It is a glimpse into Samadhi that we receive and that is what we strive for – to feel the enlightenment and then once it is lost we continue our process again to achieve it once more.

The fourth chakra is the heart or Anahata. The heart chakra is green or pink in color and located at your hearts center. It represents all the things you would immediately believe the heart to represent: compassion, love, emotion & well being.

The heart charka is best opened through heart openers or back bends (bridge, wheel, dancers pose, cobra). When a teacher focuses on back bending, you may feel a lot of your emotions rise as well as your direct issues with love & trust begin to flare. This is a normal piece of the process to clear the energy on the way to your crown charka & Samadhi.

Vishuddha is the throat or the fifth charka. The throat charka is located in your throat and blue in color. It represents communication but not just the spoken word. It is written word, words we are unable to communicate (to those who have left the earth or perhaps out of societal or family context) and expression. Common poses to begin opening the throat chakra are fish pose & plow pose as well as the ancient art of chanting (more on chanting in a coming article).

The sixth chakra is known as the third eye, brow or Anja. It is violet in color and located directly in between your eyes on your brow – a place known to many as the third eye center. It represents intuition and the inner guide. Common poses for the opening of your third eye chakra are inversions and forward folds as well as chanting. There are many mudras (hand symbols) that connect to opening the third eye charka as well. Also, during guided meditations in savasana you are occasionally able to open your Anja.

The last and final of the seven chakras is the crown or Sahasrara. It is white in color and located at the top of the head or just above your crown, floating above you. It represents enlightenment, Samadhi, beingness, emotional action & the release of karma. The pose in which to open this chakra is savasana, often a yogis favorite pose.

The first time my dad tried yoga, I told him that savasana is like a yogi nap where we don’t sleep but rather rest and open our minds towards enlightenment. One lies on the earth or the floor and meditates after a physical yoga asana practice.

Combined with the first three chakras from last week, this concludes the introduction to chakras and their energy channels. As with all yoga, chakras are a practice. I am still learning all there is to know about chakras and there is an infinite amount of information. Please feel encouraged to add information or ask additional questions in regards to the chakras or anything with yoga. I would love to continue sharing my knowledge as often as I am able.
What do you think about the chakras?
Does your teacher mention them in class?
Would you take a chakra flow vinyassa class?

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!