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Yoga has transformed me over the past few years. It began as my mother’s journey to heal. Through her back arthritis, I was invited to join her on a parallel mat. As I stepped on that mat for the first time I was confused and awkward. I liked the feeling of yoga, and yet at the same time I didn’t. I was carried away to another time and place, and lost all sense of time. It was equally healing and frightening.
A few months later with a broken heart, I stepped onto my mat with a renewed sense of the term “transform.” Yoga lifted my spirits and carried every ounce of heartache and pain away from me.
Two years later, I was ready to bring that mind and body aspect into my teacher training. I was drained physically and emotionally from a job that did not suit my needs. A job that no longer held passion for me, and yet without it, I felt lost. A wave of heartache began and the only way I knew how to heal was through my practice.
I stepped onto my mat September 2010 with my mind set on new beginnings. I had a life full of transformations: I had gotten married, graduated with my master’s, moved to cape cod and embodied yoga in every aspect and every turn of life’s events. I had changed jobs several times and looked for my calling. In the end, after a year of questions and answers I found my calling. I am a teacher. Maybe not a conventional elementary school teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. With a definition that is ever expanding and unlimited in possibilities.
Stepping onto my mat now holds so much more meaning. My practice has begun to include my body as well as my mind and spirit. I have begun to work out off the mat as well to energize my body for my yoga practice. I am also stepping on my mat for more than just myself now. I step onto my mat in order to help others with their practice. Removing my obstacles and letting my students experience their own yoga.
In August 2011, I founded a non-profit, Journey to Hope, to serve yoga to the community at no cost. Please check out our website for more information! I am so blessed to not only be teaching yoga with an amazing group of women everyday, but also to teach yoga with an amazing bunch of individuals throughout the community, in many diverse settings. I love sharing this gift through every form possible: blogging, writing my upcoming book, creating projects & workshops as well as videos for you all to enjoy. I am so blessed to be on the journey and thank each and everyone of you for showing up and being PRESENT.
May you embody love, speak truth and perceive kindness.

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