2013 Goals & Intentions

1. Go to Paris
2. Go to India
3. Eat Vegetarian 5 days of the week
4. Scuba dive!
5. Go to the drive-in movie theater
6. Travel to a place I've never been (Austin, TC - Feb' 13)
7. Further my career
8. Create my "style"
9. Do a cousin mini-vacation
10. Keep up to date with scrapbooking
11. Get a massage once a month
12. Get at least 15 mani/pedis (III)
13. Get my 2nd tattoo
14. Create an organized schedule & teach yoga at least once a week
15. Complete another yoga certification
16. Practice yoga 3x a week
17. Find a Journey to Hope Grant
18. Host an annual Journey to Hope fundraiser/event
19. Learn to play an instrument
20. Meditate more often
21. Take a trip with Ms. Ashley Benton
22. Try something on pinterest once a month (Zuchinni bread, chia seed pops,s'more parfait, glitter mason jars, RAW Nutella bars, jewelry/style ideas)
23. Buy myself a new DSLR camera
24. See another concert
25. See Michael Buble in concert!!
26. Watch all the twilight movies
27. Read another classic novel
28. Ride a horse again
29. Sleigh ride in NYC
30. Start a clothing swap with friends
31. Do at least 4 Bestunes weddings
32. Go ice skating
33. Snowboard
34. Keep up to date on the blog!
35. Go on a yoga retreat
36. Send monthly newsletters *First sent 3/11/13*
37. Attend a broadway show
38. Vacation with Karthik :-)
39. Stay at or below my "lifetime W.W. goal weight"
40. LOVE LIFE!!!


  1. Inspiring! We should all do the same!

  2. Thank you Misa! I do it every year!! :-) I think it's a great intention that keeps us true to our dreams.