Monday, February 13, 2012

Magical Mondays

Journey to Hope has a NEW INTERN!!! Her name is Cindy Long and we couldn't be more blessed to have her on our team. She is a student at Cape Cod Community College, a wonderful mom and is a crossing guard, as well as a student! She will be attending board meetings, brainstorming, interviewing, marketing and learning all about start-up non-profits! So, so excited and blessed to have her.

We have solidified our teacher training for March 31st @ the West Dennis Library from 12-4pm. $40. Please see our training section for more details to come!

Mark your calanders: 

March 30th - benefit class in Falmouth
July 14th - MAJOR summer fundraiser

On a personal note, I taught two wonderful classes this weekend that were dear to my heart.

I taught at my parents (and my) church this past weekend. It is odd to not have a church of my own yet, and they are my church it is also my church! :)

I taught a yoga class to our youth group. It was such an inspiring class, as each student was willing to learn not only about yoga, but about God. As a former youth group member myself, I knew a lot about what these kids were going through and it offered me the opportunity to talk about what yoga and spirituality and God mean to me. It was a very special and unique class, and I was so thankful to teach.

I was also able to teach a benefit class with The Sassy Yogini for Yoga Reaches Out. It was a small and intimate class at East Side Yoga in South Boston and was a mixture of strong workouts and slow meditation and relaxation. It was also a blessing to have my mom in class! She hasn't attended one of my classes since I moved, and I was thankful for her constructive critiscm and praise. :) 

While we were there, Sassy donated mats!!! We received mats from Back Bay Yoga & Baptiste Yoga studios. We took a ton of pictures while we were there - and if you "like" us on facebook, you can see them all! Click here.

It was a weekend full of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, being with my mom, and LOTS of cuddling when I got back to Cape Cod.

This coming week is full of friend dates, a new schedule, some surprises, and a Valentine's Day full of love!!

Here's to hoping your Monday is just as magical.

Get out there - do yoga & make life sparkle!

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